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Daily wholesale prices

Daily wholesale prices of the Paris Rungis Wholesale Market


The daily wholesale prices of fruits and vegetables of the Paris Rungis Wholesale Market are available from Monday to Friday all through the year. 

Fresh fruits & vegetables

Paris Rungis Wholesale Market (MIN de Rungis).

DAILY WHOLESALE PRICES OF SOME FRUITS & VEGETABLES ON THE MARKET* * These are the wholesale prices, in Euro / kg or Euro/ box of some brand products: The products mentioned are either of Extra Quality or First quality (I)

French produce & imports

Novagrim fruit and vegetable exposition at the Paris ungis Wholesale Market

The prices given are the wholesale prices on pallet sales basis.  The prices can be lower or higher depending on different types of sales  (Higher if sales on a box basis or lower on full truck basis)

New arrivals of this week

German blue Ccak plums.

Week 34 : French plums ( Mirabelle and Reine Claude ), Italian Red Globe table grapes. German plums.

News from the market

Italian Black Magic table grapes_Novagrim France

Week 34 : Cool and cold and rainy.

Temperatures between 13°C and 23°C

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